Learn From Our Digital Marketing Certificate Graduates

Toni King graduated from BizHack Academy’s digital marketing certificate program, The Digital Marketer’s Edge. The DME is a seven-week, fast-paced, high-impact program that aims to give small businesses the tools they need to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns. During the 18th Cohort of The Digital Marketer’s Edge, we witnessed more than two dozen of these business owners complete the course and graduate with their digital marketing certificate, 9 of them shared their stories. Here is what Tori King learned over the course of seven grueling weeks.


Toni King: Yoga 6

After running a personal training fitness center, Toni King and her wife decided to open up Yoga 6, a yoga studio located in the Bay Area of California, in order to achieve better work-life balance and support their 5 children and pets. The couple faced numerous challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the strict safety guidelines imposed by the state of California that closed their studio’s doors for months. Toni King persevered through the pandemic and applied for the digital marketing certificate program at BizHack Academy because she wanted to obtain in-depth marketing knowledge so that she would be able to understand lesser-known concepts that her marketing agency was using to market Yoga 6. 

When launching her digital campaign, Toni King targeted an audience interested in yoga and other relevant brands and hobbies to best appeal to her ideal customer. She launched one Facebook ad to share affordable Yoga 6 offers and a second ad to generate leads. Her advertisements garnered thousands of views and with the new information she learned at BizHack, Toni hopes to achieve her desired results as she continues to apply what she learned. During her time in The Digital Marketer’s Edge course, Toni was able to learn BizHack Academy’s simple and repeatable digital marketing strategies for her own business and discovered her love of the creative opportunities marketing provides. 

In the future, Toni hopes to continue to engage in insightful and well-informed discussions with Yoga 6’s marketers and feels equipped to make knowledgeable decisions that will benefit her business. 




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