The BizHack Lead Building System™ Methodology
Marketing online is essential to any business. In a fast-paced digital world, it can be confusing and overwhelming to start your small business’ digital marketing journey, especially when you feel like you don’t have the right tools to succeed. At BizHack Academy, we understand that small business owners are lacking in three key areas that may inhibit them from achieving their marketing goals— time, money and expertise.   Many businesses are intimidated by the technical aspects of digital marketing. By pairing technical skills with high-level strategy, our Lead Building System makes what seems impossible achievable in a matter of weeks. We compress years into hours. With BizHack Academy’s proven success rate and course curriculum that builds upon past experience, the Digital Marketer’s Edge provides members with an average 29:1 return on ad spend. Our guarantee: we will put your small business on a path towards long-term, sustainable lead generation and revenue. We are committed to giving small business owners simple, easy-to-implement tools that will help them achieve their dreams. Digital marketing doesn’t need to be difficult. Take control of your small business marketing today.

The BizHack Lead Building System™ is a proven methodology for small business marketing. BizHack founder Dan Grech, a Pulitzer-prize winning former journalist with NPR and PBS, developed the LBS over 7 years working with more than 700 small businesses around the world and across every industry.

The LBS has three elements: the Foundation, the Six Pillars, and the Nine Steps. The Foundation is your Business Story, your personal motivation for running the business and its core purpose in the world. These are the Six Pillars: Campaign Objective, Target Audience, Irresistible Offer, Thumb-Stopping Video, Compelling Message, and Call to Action. And the Nine Step Process is the playbook for implementing the Pillars in your marketing — what to do, in what order, and how to do it.

BizHack Academy’s philosophy enacts a learn-by-doing approach that encourages members to put the tools they learn into practice from day one. Using a combination of cutting-edge content, over 35 hours of live instruction sessions and personalized coaching and a community of peers, our program combines concrete marketing methods with human connection to ensure our members feel equipped and supported in taking control of their business and its digital marketing. As a participant in our program, small business owners will be trained in our Lead Building System, our proven methodology that simplifies digital marketing while maintaining core concepts and techniques. Download our e-book to the Lead Building System™

Our Courses

BizHack offers an accelerated 7-week program for business owners who want to implement the Lead Building System™. Our digital marketing certificate program, The Digital Marketer’s Edge, trains small business owners in the classic tools and techniques they need to find customers online while leveraging the unique story of their business. We will give you the time-saving and cost-effective methods you need to market your small business to strangers online. Participants in  “The Digital Marketer’s Edge” run lead generation ads on Facebook and Instagram with expert 1:1 guidance, small group coaching and peer support. In 2020, despite COVID, the average participating business made $29 in incremental revenue for every $1 in advertising within 3 months of completing the program. The course paid for itself three times over.

BizHack launched of a new course in July 2021. “The LinkedIn Business Edge” a 12+ hour on-demand course designed to help you grow your business using the Lead Building System™ on LinkedIn. With more than 756 million members, LinkedIn has evolved into one of the world’s most powerful business-oriented social networks and B2B lead generators. This interactive program combines live classes, workshops and 1:1 coaching with LinkedIn experts so you can drive sales and build strategic partnerships using LinkedIn. Our courses will train you in tools to enhance your presence and establish credibility and influence for your personal and company brand.