Technical Assistance Solutions:
Customized Training for Business Support Organizations

Support your clients with ready-to-go classes and courses that address today’s most pressing topics.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of America and the backbone of the U.S. economy and yet, small businesses are a risky endeavor, failing far more often than they succeed.

BizHack offers a Technical Assistance Solution for Business Support Organizations tasked with training small business clients on topics that will help them beat the odds and establish healthy, thriving businesses.

We are the nation’s only provider specializing in business training for Business Support Organizations and Community Development Financial Institutions. Our training is fully customizable and can be available within weeks.

Your Essential Partner

Miami Dade County Partnership

BizHack’s courses in English and Spanish have reached more than 6,500 small businesses on six continents. We serve the solopreneur, the microenterprise, the freelancer, the home-based business, the mom-and-pop shop. We understand the stakes. We see the faces behind every storefront, the dreams woven into every business plan. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower Business Support Organizations like yours with the hands-on training small businesses need to impact their growth immediately and effectively.

One Size Fits One Training Programs

We provide Technical Assistance to empower Business Support Organizations to offer unparalleled value to their members. We believe that one size fits one and we build customized curriculum, either teaching it directly to small business members or supporting your staff in doing so.

Our training programs are designed to arm Business Support Organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to help small businesses succeed, by centering curriculum around marketing, financial literacy, hiring, and AI tools.

By partnering with BizHack, your organization can avoid the hassle of developing or outsourcing training programs, and we can partner with you to write grants and obtain funding.

Our shared goal is to help your organization attract small businesses through world-class education and provide real-time actionable training to make your small business members profitable.

Why BizHack?

Our training is practical, not theoretical. We understand the constraints small business owners face and design our curriculum to be actionable. We report on learning progress and collect data on demographics and the monetary impact of our training.

Unlike other marketing agencies or freelancers, we do not provide training in an attempt to solicit potential new clients. This is not marketing veiled as training.


Technical Assistance Solution

Our Approach:

Deeply understand your unique member needs.

We take the time to listen and understand the specific challenges and goals of your organization and its members.
We conduct thorough assessments, gather insights, and engage in meaningful dialogue to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs, preferences, and pain points.

Cutting-edge training solutions.

Our team uses the latest trends, technologies, and best practices to design training programs that are both innovative and practical.
Our training solutions are not only relevant, but also timely and future-proof. Whether it's AI-powered marketing strategies, personalized coaching sessions, or interactive masterclasses, we tailor each component to align perfectly with your organization's objectives and the real-world problems your members face.

Implement transformative, results-focused programs.

We focus on outcomes, not just activities, ensuring that every aspect of our training programs is designed to drive impact and measurable success.
From boosting sales to financial modeling, our programs are built to deliver results that matter. Through continuous monitoring, feedback, and refinement, we ensure our programs evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of your organization and its members.

Our Results

Newtown Macon is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) based in Macon, Georgia, that serves the downtown business district.
NewTown Macon wanted to attract new borrowers and they knew marketing was one of the most in demand topics. They received funding from Georgia Power to launch a marketing academy for their clients.


  • Could not find a partner to deliver the curriculum
  • The funding was at risk
  • Solution:

    • BizHack created a Marketing curriculum for NewTown


    • Attracted new borrowers and get them started on the marketing portion of loan applications
    • Upskilled existing borrowers to reduce late payment and non-payment rates 
    • Upheld their mission to serve unbankable small businesses.

    About the Digital Marketer's Edge

    Our 7-week Digital Marketer’s Edge course teaches businesses how to get bottom-line results from online marketing.


    • Participating small businesses course generated over $502,441
      in sales from just $17,386 in ad spend
    • Students achieve a 48% return on ad spend – 3x the average
    • One student closed a $10,000 deal from a $50 ad

    AI for Marketing and Sales Masterclass

    We make AI easy and accessible for small businesses to implement, saving them time and money.
    AI for Marketing and Sales


    • Attendance of over 6,000 total people over the course of 33 Masterclasses
    • 91% of attendees using AI regularly in their businesses versus 11% national average
      for small businesses
    • 14% of attendees have made or saved money using AI since taking the course

    A Message from the Mayor of Miami-Dade County

    “We are proud to partner with BizHack Academy, a company that has shown its commitment to providing the highest-quality training geared to small businesses.”

    -Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava


    We are experts in adult learning and have an array of subject matter experts we partner with on topics important to business owners. Our initial focus was digital marketing and we’ve since expanded to hiring and finance.
    We work with counties and municipal governments, SBA-funded training providers, banks, community-developed financial institutions and universities.
    Customized one-size-fits-one Technical Assistance in a Box, including full curriculums, private courses, free masterclasses, access to recorded courses, business directories, outsourced coaching, and scholarships to defray the costs of the courses.
    BizHack is happy to partner with your organization to assist with grant writing to win funds to provide Technical Assistance in a Box or other services.
    We can partner with you on funding initiatives, grant writing, curriculum development, and provide training to your internal staff.
    Our training is agenda-free. Because we are an academy, we do not use the Business Support Organization’s access to small business owners as a way to solicit business. We have a clarity of purpose and high standards for education. Our training programs provide real-time implementation support, robust learning, and testing to make sure small business owners are getting the full benefit from the training and can apply what they learn for immediate effect.
    Some small business owners will see results immediately. Due to our training programs, small businesses have closed tens of thousands of dollars worth of business through a 48% return on ad investment. They’ve learned how to leverage AI to save money or reduce costs.
    Our trainings can be provided in English and Spanish
    Small business owners don’t just need information — they need coaching to drive results. With BizHack, they get a training and technical assistance partner committed to helping them succeed now and in the future, by arming them with knowledge and the experience applying that knowledge effectively, which directly impacts their bottom line.
    BizHack works diligently with partners to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the small business community. Since 2020, BizHack has contributed more than $400,000 in scholarships to defray the costs of its paid training programs to more than 250 women- and BIPOC-owned businesses.

    About BizHack’s Founder

    Dan Grech, a former Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, founded BizHack Academy in 2017 after realizing the power of marketing to amplify the impact of stories. He spent a decade mastering purpose-driven marketing, holding roles like head of growth at startups and VP of Marketing at a billion-dollar company. Self-funded and profitable from the start, Dan reinvested profits into course development to provide best-in-class training on cutting-edge technologies for small businesses.

    Despite challenges like the pandemic and the personal struggles, Dan remains committed to his mission. Dan is a bi-national, bi-lingual entrepreneur. His father came to the US with no money or college degree and worked for decades as a traveling clothes salesman so that Dan could go to Princeton University. It’s not lost on Dan the privileges afforded him because of his father’s sacrifices. His business is a way to give back and support underserved populations. It’s a way to thank his father.