Fractional Marketing Leaders

Our experience becomes your expertise
BizHack Fractional CMO services fully integrate with your team to re-engineer your marketing strategy by establishing accountability and prioritizing opportunities for sustainable growth. Our fractional CMO’s specialize in serving small to mid-sized companies, integrating AI tools and systems to help you grow faster.





1. Navigating volatile markets requires a well-thought-out strategy and a team capable of exploiting growth opportunities. BizHack can build you both of these.
2. We have over 60 Fractional CMOs in our network. All have industry expertise and will provide experienced marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.
3. We understand the potential that AI has to grow your business and can help you select and train your team on the tools you need to execute your strategy quickly and efficiently.
4. Our FCMOs don’t just lead — they empower through learning. We customize each engagement to include support for upskilling your marketing team.
5. BizHack is a certified EOS company and specializes in serving other EOS companies. We use powerful EOS tools like the L10 meeting and quarterly rocks to improve accountability and productivity.


Our experience becomes your expertise

Step 1

Discovery Call

Our team schedules an initial discovery call. We deep dive into your current challenges and determine the maturity of your marketing strategy.

Step 2


Using your discovery report, we select your perfect marketing match. Your FCMO is matched based on their specific background, aligning their expertise with your unique needs.

Step 3

Kick off

During your kick-off engagement , your FCMO will complete a marketing SWOT assessment, AI evaluation, MarTec audit, and strategic review.


BizHack’s staffing process combines three services in one:
1. Staffing: We match you with your dream FCMO who aligns with your values and understands your industry.
2. Consulting: We leverage AI tools, our proven processes, and scalable systems to drive growth — the Lead Building System™ and Thought Leadership Pyramid™ — and improve control of your marketing through an EOS-inspired operating system.

3. Training: We prioritize upskilling your talent — your biggest asset. As a client, you get two free seats in both the “Digital Marketer’s Edge” and “Thought Leadership Edge” programs – giving your team a common language and a level of competence needed to master digital marketing.


BizHack uses award-winning methodologies like the Thought Leadership Pyramid™ and the Lead Building System.™ to help clients avoid the pitfalls of ‘random acts of marketing.’

Download our Lead Building System™” e-book. It’s a simple guide to a proven process for digital marketing guaranteed to generate long-term, sustainable leads, and increased revenue.

The book includes a summary of the 6 pillars of every digital marketing campagin and includes a 9-Step playbook for putting it into action. Download the e-book and join over 1,000 businesses that have successfully implemented the Lead Building System™


To learn more about our lead building system, download our LBS ebook.



Real people driving real results.
Our coaches know how to make a difference.


Every fractional Chief Marketing Officer is a BizHack-certified Marketing Coach. We have over 40 certified coaches, spanning a diverse range of industries and expertise. Our coaches have worked with fortune 500 companies all over the globe.

Tatiana McDaniel

FCMO Tatiana McDaniel helps Flippers Cinema navigate competition from streaming services and chain movie theaters to provide time-tested family entertainment at an affordable price

JD Henao

FCMO JD Henao provides leadership, strategy and accountability for fast-growing legal VA firm Back Office Betties, a company that runs on EOS

Brianne Barbakoff

FCMO Brianne Barbakoff is building a marketing department from scratch for Mil Gustos Hospitality Group as it expands to its fifth restaurant location



We know growth starts with a connection to the right systems, people, and purpose. You deserve to work with a team of experienced marketing leaders who can truly help your organization navigate towards a stronger strategy, sustainable solutions, and real impact.

Fractional CMO

Find Your People

Place a part-time head of marketing (Chief Marketing Officer) in your company. Learn how we find your perfect match.

Marketing Coaching

Grow With Purpose

Work one on one with one of our senior coaches to implement our proprietary systems. Learn how we hold you accountable.

Interactive Courses

Drive Real Impact

Enroll in immersive courses to learn the fundamentals of purpose-driven marketing. Learn our proprietary systems and frameworks on your schedule


Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez
Great experience taking and graduating from BizHack and their digital marketing course. Highly recommend as a crash-course or a continued learning course. Great team and coaches.
DOM Consultants
DOM Consultants
I have taken 2 semesters of the BizHack Digital Academy course. In doing so, my skills as a professional have skyrocketed. If you own or lead a small business and you want to hone your competitive edge, then BizHack is an amazing tool to turn that goal into a realized achievement. Do not consider enrollment in their classes as a luxury. Consider attending BizHack classes as a necessity, as much a needed-step as having your EIN. You will learn how to exponentially improve your business' ability to generate income online. Your business needs this!
King Kamau
King Kamau
Great class. Great instructors. Thanks for helping me structure my business plan to greater hikes.
Fredy Daza
Fredy Daza
The bizhack academy is excellent, I personally enjoyed every single class and a lot of knowledge to be shared and you can't miss the opportunity to be part of their network, Dan and his team are amazing. Recommended 200%
Sherry Dawson
Sherry Dawson
" Invest in yourself and your education instead of throwing dollars at companies and trusting them to do this type of marketing for you. The class was very beneficial for small business owners in many ways: more educated about FB/digital marketing ads and terminology, seeing an immediate return on investment with REAL generated leads, 1:1 coaching provided several times to assist you in your unique business needs, knowledgeable speakers and extra class time with master speakers giving their keys to success. Enjoyed the class very much - enough to want to become a coach myself!
Dirk De Cuyper
Dirk De Cuyper
"Seeing the benefit of LinkedIn during this course was incredible. Just the use of LinkedIn as a whole is wonderful to everyone out there. The course not only taught me about the importance of LinkedIn but to actually to do it."
marge lennon
marge lennon
As print publications continue to decline, BizHack has opened doors to new venues for the distribution of press releases for clients. Taking this course has added great value for my PR business. I highly recommend it.
Meagan Murphy
Meagan Murphy
I was scared to death of Facebook business suite. Having eye issues at computer light I felt like it was going to be a long and tough road. Because I had some excellent teachers I know where a lot of tools are now so I can keep going further into FB Business Suite. It was awesome to learn how to build a campaign and lead forms, too. , Here in Seattle with lead agencies like Salesforce being advertised everywhere and I didn’t know how they could possibly help me. I won’t need something like Salesforce yet I see how getting leads is crucial and possible. Now i see how to build ad campaigns and an email list and zoom meetings around high quality content so I can use my expensive BFA FINALLY. , Dive in. I learned so much. It was exactly where I wanted to go."
Rym Benbrahim
Rym Benbrahim
The BizHack course was an engaging, intense learning experience. Special thanks to Alex, our marketing coach, a passionate, humble expert, always ready to answer all our questions. I can say that I have now a solid foundation and the practical tools to keep doing what we’ve learned in this course. Generate more leads, nurture them, and convert them into sales. , , Go for it, it's a great experience and a wonderful community.
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
"I have a better understanding of what happens "behind the curtain" with digital marketing. I feel more empowered to help someone I hire support me in the best way possible. The customer journey piece was critical. I've needed to spend time on that for awhile. I've now used Miro to more fully map it out. I'm thrilled we actually took a few minutes in class to work through it. It's a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics of digital marketing, Facebook ads."


“BizHack has become a major success and force within Miami’s tech and marketing community.”

Hispanic Executive Magazine

Quartz is one of the many prominent media outlets and publications that has featured the BizHack digital marketing school for communications and sales professionals and business owners
Hispanic Executive is one of the many prominent media outlets and publications that has featured the BizHack digital marketing school for communications and sales professionals and business owners
Washington Post is one of the many prominent media outlets and publications that has featured the BizHack digital marketing school for communications and sales professionals and business owners
Univision is one of the many prominent media outlets and publications that has featured the BizHack digital marketing school for communications and sales professionals and business owners
BizHack Academy instructors and coaches are all experienced digital marketing practitioners who have worked at top corporations and businesses including Miami Herald