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5-Week Accelerated Course
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Starts November 2, 2020

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This program is for business owners and professionals looking to adapt their marketing to the post Covid-19 era. 

You’ll work on real-life online campaigns with 1:1 coaching from expert marketers.


Monday and Thursday afternoons



September 14, 2020

October 21, 2020

Obliterate Technical Hurdles

Obliterate Technical Hurdles

Getting started in online marketing isn't easy. We set you up on the software you need and troubleshoot with our dedicated Facebook rep. so you can get to the fun stuff:
launching campaigns and making money!

Accelerate with 1 to 1 Coaching

Accelerate with 1:1 Coaching

Marketing is never one size fits all. You will get four private sessions with your very own certified marketing coach. We will push you and hold you accountable, because that is how you will grow.

Learn from Like-Minded Peers

Learn from Like-Minded Peers

Learn from your peers. We screen every participant to ensure the best learning experience. You'll join the more than 300 marketing professionals and business owners who have benefitted from the BizHack experience. Get exclusive access to events, conferences and discounts.

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"In its second year, BizHack has become a major success and force within Miami's tech and marketing community."
Hispanic Executive Magazine

This Course Pays For Itself


100+ businesses took the course in 2019. They earned 3.3x the course investment while taking the course.

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BizHack’s course, The Digital Marketer’s Edge, covers the marketing strategy and technical skills you’ll need to generate online leads. We cover how to build ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and LinkedIn and how to create email nurture campaigns. And we’ll dive deep into audience segmentation and customer journey mapping. All along you’ll work on a Real-Life Campaign with 1:1 coaching from a top marketing expert. With our course, you learn by doing. You’ll get practical lessons, hands-on exercises, group activities, peer learning, and networking opportunities, all while running live campaigns to generate actual leads and sales.

The Real-Life Campaign is the core of the BizHack learning experience. You’ll run real ads to actual prospects to generate live leads. You work on the Real-Life Campaign in every assignment; nothing in this course is theoretical. The vast majority of participants come in with their own campaign, but arrangements can be made for participants who don’t have a campaign of their own. This will be discussed during the application interview.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Create, target, launch, track and optimize paid social media advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and LinkedIn
  • Run email nurture campaigns using Mailchimp (or another email service provider)
  • Develop custom and lookalike audiences and retargeting campaigns 
  • Track and optimize your ad campaigns and establish and monitor key performance indicators using Facebook analytics tools
  • Identify and find your ideal customer on social media and develop a customer journey map to turn them from a prospect to a customer
  • Use retargeting, split tests, machine learning and other cutting-edge techniques to optimize the effectiveness of your online lead generation efforts

In addition to working on a Real-Life Campaign with cutting-edge course content and 1:1 coaching, you’ll also get access to BizHack’s community of top marketing pros, ambitious business owners and agency heads. Our talent network is the best in the digital marketing field. You’ll also get VIP access to special events and speakers as part of the BizHack Presents speaker series.

That’s the idea! The average course participant makes $29 in revenue for every $1 they spend in ads — while in the course! The course pays for itself three times over. That said, not every business is set up for immediate success — for instance, B2B businesses with long sales cycles — and the bottom-line results may come after the course ends. Leads and sales are not guaranteed.

This course is designed for business professionals. We know that work and life might get in the way. Every class and webinar is livestreamed and recorded for later viewing. Presentations and handouts are distributed before class. The average participant misses 1-2 classes. That said, if you will miss 3 or more, you might consider taking the course another semester.

This program is open to participants and professionals from any field and level of experience and are relatively new to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of digital marketing. The more varied the background and experiences of the participants, the livelier and more interesting the class will be.

No. We’ll introduce you to drag-and-drop software to build landing pages (specialized websites to capture contact info for prospects). But we won’t cover how to build a website from scratch. That’s a different course.

This program is by application only and has limited seating. You can apply here. Once you’re accepted into the course, payment can be via credit card, PayPal, Zelle, check — or by carrier pigeon. We aim to please.

Call us anytime at (786) 664-7324 or write We’ll get back to you right away.

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