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This is a fast paced, high impact 5 week course to get bottom line results for your business and accelerate your career.
It is designed especially for growth-minded, ambitious business owners and professionals in marketing, sales and public relations.


Why us?
By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

Test versions of ads to maximize profits.

Create email nurture campaigns to convert prospects into customers.

Use advanced audience targeting in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Use retargeting to re engage prospects.

Map customer journeys to drive sales and maximize customers lifetime value.

Leverage data and storytelling to boost campaign performance.

BizHack’s Digital Marketer’s Edge:

5-Week Accelerated Course



Ad Dollar Spent


New sales generated


Return on Ad spent


  • Video Library with Lessons + Step by Step Demos (30+ hours)
  • Workbooks on How to Launch Your Campaign
  • Curated Additional Resources, Handouts and Presentations
  • Live Instruction & Participation (20 hours)
  • Workbook Review & Feedback
  • Group Coaching with Instructors and Peer Business Owners
  • Access to BizHackers Alumni Private Facebook Group
  • Three 1-on-1 Consulting Sessions with a Marketing Expert
  • Access to WhatsApp Participant Private Chat
  • Email support from digital Marketing Experts


Dan Grech

Lead Instructor & Founder, After nearly two decades as a journalist and storyteller, I have reinvented myself as a digital marketer and educator. I’ve headed digital marketing at billion-dollar companies and software startups, and I’ve consulted for hundreds of businesses. I believe in the power of digital marketing to transform lives and businesses. And I want to share what I learned with you. Some fun trivia about me: My first startup was founded by Eric Reis, author of The Lean Startup. I was interviewed for Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Workweek. I was part of a Pulitzer Prize team while I was an intern at The Miami Herald. And I’ve performed in an improv troupe for more than a decade.

Alex de Cavalho

Lead Instructor, Alex brings over 20 years of experience in social media marketing, starting with co-founding Europe’s leading e-mail marketing company in 1998, SmartFocus. His career highlights include creating a medical social network for doctors, managing Constant Contact in South Florida, serving as the first Knight Foundation Innovator in Residence at FIU, leading worldwide social media at IBM, and managing a startup of 20 people in the hearing industry for online e-commerce. Alex is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Finnish, and has lived in Europe, U.S., and Latin America. He graduated with an MBA from INSEAD and is the Honorary Consul of Finland in Miami.

Yoel Gutierrez

Certified Marketing Coach, Yoel Gutierrez is the Owner and Operator of Mosquito Joe of Miami. An outdoor pest control franchise that specializes in mosquito control. Thanks to a multi-channel marketing approach, Mosquito Joe of Miami has gone from $0 in revenue from their start in 2015 to just under $2 million dollars in revenue in 2019. Yoel, a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10kSB program and BizHack cohort 10, was able to acquire over $30,000 in LTV with just under $1,200 in ad spend. Yoel is now working on automating his digital marketing funnel in order to accomplish more with less. Yoel is a Miami native and is also an owner of several businesses.

Sheryl Cattell

Marketing Coach, Sheryl has over 30 years of marketing expertise She recently joined the Nordis Technologies as Director of Special Projects to assist with new program development, process improvements, Six Sigma implementation and enhancing their digital presence. Previously she held senior positions with Bluegreen Resorts where she worked for 10 years and with Bank of America as VP Digital Marketing in the Home Loan division. She was formerly applications manager in eCommerce for Mary Kay Inc., and earlier in her career, she was Director of Marketing of In her teaching past, she created a full curriculum and taught online classes in digital marketing for the University of San Francisco. Sheryl holds an MBA from Central Michigan University, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from Michigan State University and holds certifications as a Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance, Scrum Master Product Owner from ScrumStudy and a Green Belt in Six Sigma from Virtualocity.

Ricardo Berris

Marketing Coach, Ricardo Berris is the founder and CEO of MI Group, which provides technology and digital media solutions for businesses across the Caribbean, Central and South America looking to grow their operations in the U.S. And he’s the founder of the startup Purpusly, an online marketplace platform for selling products that support causes. Ricardo is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience growing and selling companies. The first company he built and sold was an education company tutoring children in math and English. And he owned and operated a music franchise in Bahamas to prepare stage bands for international competition; one of the bands came third in the world in the London finals. He is a graduate of a business management program run by Omega College in association with St. Thomas University

Neto Almanza

Certified Marketing Coach, Ernesto “Neto” Almanza is an award-winning creative hybrid who conceptualizes, produces and markets videos in the digital sphere with VideoWorks Miami. Neto has produced videos for Twitter, Univision, Mexico’s National Chamber of Commerce, Greater Miami Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Nearpod, Techlaunch, Venture Café Miami, Miami Made, Oscar-nominated actress Adriana Barraza’s AB Acting Studio and many more. Neto is a graduate of the Miami Ad School Europe in Germany and has degrees in marketing from The University of Texas at San Antonio and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Neto was in Cohort 3 of BizHack’s The Digital Marketer’s Edge course. He was born in the US and raised in Mexico, and he runs Facebook ads for the San Jorge School, his parents’ private school in Mexico for children age 2-15.

Blanca Mejia

Marketing Coach, Blanca has over 10 years of experience in digital strategy. Her career has spanned working with Microsoft and IBM on the social media teams to creating activations with Ford Latino and co-founding a web development and digital marketing consulting agency catering to small businesses. At IBM she launched the social media strategy and SME (subject matter expert) enablement for IBM Systems Latin America and was on the Global digital team for IBM Z Systems. It all began by starting a blog in 2008, where she networked and developed relationships with many bloggers in the Hispanic community and participated at many digital conferences. She was also very involved in the local grassroots Social Media community in South Florida and spoke at various events on topics such as SEO, WordPress and social media. Currently, she is a Digital Marketing Consultant with clients mainly in the medical field including a Global Non-Profit. In her spare time, she loves traveling as a digital nomad discovering great co-working spaces and connecting with people all around the world, works out at the gym and meditates.

Rafael Savino

Certified Lead Instructor, Rafael Savino is the co-owner and Managing Director of Ascendance Studio, a multi-style dance academy in Doral. Rafael designs new digital marketing strategies to promote and grow the studio. Before starting his own business, Rafael spent more than a decade working at Amazon, ExxonMobil and Carnival Cruise Lines. He was Cohort 2 of BizHack’s The Digital Marketer’s Edge course.


Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Linkedin Ads
Messenger Ads
Email Nurture Campaigns
Customer Journey Mapping
Buyer’s Journey
Integration & Automation
Audience Targeting
Business Storytelling
Facebook Search Optimization


1. Forget about theory, this is Real Life.

You will work on a real-life campaign on your Facebook Business Manager, where you will be able to measure the ROI. Also, getting started in online marketing isn't easy. We set you up on the software you need and troubleshoot with our dedicated Facebook rep. so you can get to the fun stuff: launching campaigns and making money!

2. Accelerate with 1:1 Coaching.

Marketing is never one size fits all. You will get three private sessions with your very own certified marketing coach. We will push you and hold you accountable because that is how you will grow.

3. Members-Only Group Access.

Learn from your peers. We screen every participant to ensure the best learning experience. You'll join the more than 450 marketing professionals and business owners who have benefited from the BizHack experience. Get exclusive access to events, conferences and discounts.


Kim Miller, CEO of Ink Link Marketing, Marketer at Burger King & Pollo Tropical

“BizHack will unlock the door to potential customers and revenue. Following the BizHack program has already driven leads – and revenue – to my business!”

Erin Clancy, Conservation Director, Tropical Audubon Society of Miami

“BizHack gave me exactly what I was looking for: A view into the semi- opaque world of digital marketing. I don’t feel uninformed anymore in a meeting when the digital marketing jargon gets thrown around.”​

Henry Gomez, Director of Strategy Planning, Zubi Advertising

“BizHack gave me relevant, up-to-date digital marketing skills with the support of experienced coaches and similarly motivated classmates. It’s enabled me to shift gears professionally.”​




Meet Meghan Hill, Book Editor

Meghan is a former lawyer with 20 years of writing and editing experience. She strug gled to find a legal job after taking a decade off to raise 4 kids. She got a gig editing a  memoir for an author who’d appeared on Oprah. She wanted to turn that into a book editing business.

Meghan's Challenge: She had no online presence:

  • No website
  • No social media
  • A tiny ad budget

Her solution? BizHack’s 5-week program

Her results

  • Ad Spend = $429.86
  • New Client Revenue = $105,000
  • Return on Ad Spend = 244x

What BizHackers Have to Say

Jennifer Dellis, Product Content Manager, Bacardi

“BizHack allowed me to see beyond a career that was not fulfilling. I was able to pivot from psychology to digital marketing, something I thought was imposible”​

Neto Almanza, Founder, VideoWorks Miami

“Yes, yes, yes! Take the leap. It’s well worth it. This course is the best investment I’ve ever made.”​

Daniel Echague, Director, Elite Sales Group Real Estate

“I learned the tools that i was looking for to launch my marketing campaings. Stop thinking about it and jump on it! You will get what you are looking for!”​


Q. The course is by application… Are there any prerequisites?

A. This program is designed for businesses with a product or service they need to market online. Our sole focus is to run social media ads that make you money. So we’re selectivemarket about who we let in. That said, you don’t need to be tech savvy. We make the technology accessible and easy to understand.

Q. How long will the coursework take me each week?

A. In addition to the online classes and labs, you should budget 3-7 hours per week to work on your Real-Life Campaign.

Q. What’s this about a Real-Life Campaign?

A. You’ll run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and LinkedIn to generate leads for your business. We’ll help you define the target audience, messaging, offer and creative the campaign, interpret the results and figure out next steps. This Real-Life Campaign is the core of the BizHack experiential learning experience. If you don’t have a campaign, don’t worry, we’ll help you find a business to partner with.

Q. Do I need to spend money on advertising during the class?

A. Yes. You should budget $100-150 to spend on ads during the course.

Q. Will I make money from taking this course?

A.The average course participant makes $29 in revenue for every $1 they spend in ads — while taking the course! The course pays for itself three times over.

Don’t miss the opportunity

to grow your business hand in hand with top notch professionals, the results will be unbelievable!