Learn From Our Digital Marketing Certificate Graduates

Allison Laney graduated from BizHack Academy’s digital marketing certificate program, The Digital Marketer’s Edge. The DME is a seven-week, fast-paced, high-impact program that aims to give small businesses the tools they need to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns. During the 18th Cohort of The Digital Marketer’s Edge, we witnessed more than two dozen of these business owners complete the course and graduate with their digital marketing certificate, 9 of them shared their stories. Here is what Alison McLaney learned over the course of seven grueling weeks.


Alison McLaney: Digipraise

Alison McLaney spent nearly 20 years working alongside her family as a jewelry evaluator for the insurance industry and helping clients receive their greatest value for their treasured jewelry pieces. However, Alison McLaney still witnessed the pain her clients felt when their family heirlooms were underinsured as a result of their appraisal being outdated and inaccurate. Because of this, Alison McLaney and her family founded Digipraise, an online appraisal update service that works to ensure families receive maximum insurance protection for their jewelry. 

Alison McLaney joined the 18th Cohort of The Digital Marketer’s Edge with the goal of learning more about Digipraise’s customers so that she can best market to and serve them. Through the implementation of BizHack’s Lead Building System, Alison McLaney produced a video as part of a Facebook ad campaign that generated over 2,000 through plays. After testing her digital marketing methods several times, Alison generated 31 leads and began making plans to convert these leads into long-term customers. 

Following her graduation from the digital marketing certificate program, Alison plans to consistently post to Digipraise’s social media accounts as well as build connections with insurance agency owners, aggregators and insurance carriers. As the Digipraise team works to grow their website, Alison McLaney hopes to continue to protect the cherished family jewelry of her clients by encouraging potential customers across the country to take the step of knowing their jewelry’s value. 


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