Tips To Use Google Business Profile You Can Take Today To Improve Your Presence On Google

“You need to have ownership of everything, and you need transparency on all accounts,” said Joe Laratro, founder and president of Tandem Interactive during the #BizHackLive 9 Steps You Can Take Today To Improve Your Presence On Google webinar. 

Shortly after Laratro joined the search engine optimization (SEO) world, he founded a digital marketing agency to help companies develop complex digital marketing strategies. Tandem Interactive offers monitoring services, brand reputation, neuromarketing, landing page optimization, visual marketing, and more.

Optimize your Google Business Profile

Laratro shared tips on how Google My Business can optimize small businesses online:

“Google  Business Profile is the local aspect of Google,” Laratro said.

Google  Business Profile is a free and easy-to-use tool for small businesses to utilize. 

Developing your Google Business Profile online will help customers find your website. Start managing your online presence to expand your small business marketing strategies now.


TIP 1: Categories can lead you to groups of keywords 

The categories you choose for your business on  Google Business Profile can reveal an assortment of keywords. You need to be careful to choose the right category, though. Ensure your business appears in search results by selecting the correct categories. 

It’s important to understand how  Google Business Profile for small businesses can place your business in search engines like Google Maps and Search. 

“Think about a category as a group of keywords,” Laratro said. “Search your main keywords on Google and see what shows up.” 


TIP 2: Use URL tracking to understand audience engagement better

Tracking URLs can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign or website. If you don’t use URL tracking, then you risk having poor communication with GBP. Make sure you’re easily identifiable by adding UTM codes to the end of your URLs. 

“Tracking is very important for businesses trying to prove their success to CEOs or clients,” Laratro said. 


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