Learn From Our Digital Marketing Certificate Graduates

Sara Bess graduated from BizHack Academy’s digital marketing certificate program, The Digital Marketer’s Edge. The DME is a seven-week, fast-paced, high-impact program that aims to give small businesses the tools they need to conduct successful digital marketing campaigns. During the 18th Cohort of The Digital Marketer’s Edge, we witnessed more than two dozen of these business owners complete the course and graduate with their digital marketing certificate, 9 of them shared their stories. Here is what Sara Bess learned over the course of seven grueling weeks.


Sara Bess: Mosquito Joe, Northwest Florida

Sara Bess grew up as a child of a single mom who moved frequently from apartment to apartment, without having a private outdoor space to enjoy. Now, Sara and her husband have 4 kids and a dog in Northwest Florida where she is the owner of the local Mosquito Joe franchise. At her current home, her children have a big yard to enjoy in the summertime but Florida’s mosquitoes and other pests inhibit their family from fully taking advantage of their outdoor space. Because of this, Sara is especially passionate about Mosquito Joe’s success as a way to encourage families to get outside and enjoy their backyards as much as possible. 

As a participant in BizHack Academy’s digital marketing certificate program, Sara ran five digital campaigns to use her newly learned marketing knowledge: brand awareness, lookalike audience strategies, an irresistible offer and lead generation. As a result of her numerous online advertisements, Sara Bess was able to generate seven leads while her colleagues were receiving endless phone calls from new clients.

In the coming weeks, Sara plans to take a pause on advertising in order to focus her location’s energy on serving the influx of new clients they received as a result of her new marketing strategies. During her time at BizHack Academy, Sara was able to gain a better understanding of her customers’ journey and learn more about the endless options online advertising provides. She plans to continue advertising in the future while analyzing her results through the use of different online platforms like Google and Facebook. 


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