Using Storytelling to attract customers with your Business Story

Are your customers engaging with your messages or not even noticing them? Are your prospects paying attention or paying someone else? What’s the one magic ingredient that empowers successful entrepreneurs to communicate their value, attract and retain talent, build corporate culture, and build relationships that lead to opportunity? Today, as a speakertrainer, and coach, Dave Bricker helps remarkable people tell remarkable stories—through writing, speaking, graphic design, video, technology, and music. If you want to say it, share it, or sell it, bring him your story; he’ll help you tell it. TL;DR In this dynamic 60-minute live webinar, Dave will teach you all about his storytelling method that he refers to as “story sailing”. You’ll learn:
  1. Discover how to connect, influence, and persuade with the power of story
  2. Master the golden rule of storytelling.
  3. Explore a simple model for crafting stories that stick.
  4. Avoid common storytelling mistakes
  5. Craft messages that attract and hold attention
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