“We need to win the battle for human attention.” – CEO Microsoft Satya Nadella

Why and how you manage your attention matters to the success of your business, your leadership style, and your personal ability to persevere. Suzanne Jewell of The Mindful Entrepreneur is a start-up coach, corporate mindfulness trainer and host of Mindful Mornings Miami, the hottest radio show on what it means to live, work, create and play in a mindful way.

Her specialty is mindfulness and motivation. Clear and calm your mind in order to take effective, responsive action. Mindfulness is becoming the #1 leadership tool for today’s business owners and entrepreneurs. 


In this dynamic 60-minute live webinar, Suzanne will inspire you to practice mindfulness to become a better leader.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to be more mindful in business.
  2. How to pay better attention to your business and your employees.
  3. Why empathy is a key skill for leaders today.
  4. Bounce back ability and why resilience matters.
  5. Breath & attention practices to calm your worried mind.
  6. How to listen as a leader.

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