Learn How Building Brand Loyalty Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Building brand loyalty is simple when you focus on the needs of your customers. You must first determine what resources you can offer the community. In return, you can create valuable experiences to keep customers coming back. Small businesses should aim to establish long-lasting-human impressions—especially in today’s world. People want to feel an emotional connection to your story. 

For advice and tips on how building brand loyalty can help you become a successful small business owner, keep reading. 

TL;DR: 3 Tips For Building Brand Loyalty By Improving The Customer Experience 

  • Focus on your brand
  • Prioritize conversation over clicks 
  • Follow content brand strategies 

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Tip 1: Focus On Your Brand

“One of the ways to innovate when you look at content creation is to really focus on the people and the brand,” Abdul Muhammad II, a brand strategist and digital marketing expert, said in the #BizHackLive Brand Love Essential – Win Customers For Life webinar. 

Focus on the things that will never change, he added. 

As the tech industry continues to grow, it’s important not to forget about the human aspect of communication. Remember to focus on humanizing your brand to create long-lasting-human impressions on customers. 

“People will always do business with people,” Muhammad II said. 

Digital marketing should be about connecting with customers through creativity and innovation. Small businesses must be careful not to put technology before people. 

Muhammad II offered a formula to focus on: 

  • Ask 
  • Listen
  • Serve 
  • Lead 
  • Deliver 

“What is most important is to listen and reliably deliver,” Muhammad II said. 

If you’re looking to connect with your community, ask yourself, “How can I help right now?” Once you figure out what you want to offer, it will lead the way to success. Look for ways to create valuable experiences for community members to grow in.  

Tip 2: Prioritize Conversation Over Clicks

“By prioritizing communication over clicks in your communication, it allows you to shift your perspective,” Muhammad II said. 

Lean into social media’s inherent superpower as people are more interconnected than ever before, he added. 

Determine how you want to drive the conversation to build value around your brand. Storytelling is an essential step towards achieving effective small business communications. For example, many distilleries saw the opportunity to make hand sanitizer from left-over products during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, those businesses created a story out of the opportunity to make a positive impact. 

Tip 3: Follow Content Brand Strategies 

It’s important to strengthen your content marketing strategies to offer innovative resources and solutions to customers. Learn how you can be a reputable and transparent source to help your customer’s personal-development.

Muhammad II provided three useful content strategies: 

Strategy 1: Knowledge Broker

Your small business’s marketing strategy will determine the amount of impact you have. The knowledge broker strategy is designed to help you solidify your sales funnel in a way that will entice customers to act. 

“Data indicates that people are consuming educational content more than ever and turning to the internet to find it,” Muhammad II said. 

According to a Gallup research study, companies that engage their B2B customers by becoming a trusted adviser and delivering customer impact see 50% higher revenues/sales, 34% higher profitability, and 63% lower customer attrition. 

Strategy 2: Community Leader

In today’s world, being a community leader is all about taking a stand. Customers need to have bonded experiences with small businesses. 

For example, Nike used Colin Kaepernick as their spokesmodel to communicate their stance on activism in the 2018 “Just Do it” advertising campaign. 

“Nike successfully used the community leader strategy to engage with customers despite the advertisement being controversial,” Muhammad II said. 

Find leveraging can substantially enhance your customers’ attachment, he added. 

Customers aligned with a brand purpose will give that brand twice as much share as customers who aren’t aligned with the brand. As a community leader, you must seek out opportunities to produce thought-provoking content. Taking leadership will ensure customers that you’re dedicated to building brand loyalty. 

Strategy 3: Innovator

Many small businesses struggle to come up with creative ways to connect with customers. The innovator strategy will help you figure out how to make your small business grow. 

Modern ŌM, a mindful small business company in Miami, Fla., is a perfect example of how small businesses can adapt to customer behavior, Muhammad II said. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Modern ŌM transformed their business into a virtual healing space for their members. 

“They moved their cushion crawl, a physical gathering in different locations at the same time, to an online format,” Muhammad II said. “And created a habit for their members to join virtually at the same hour so they can deliver their daily dose of mindfulness.”

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