Brand Love Essentials: How to Win Loyal Customers for Life

Companies rely on connecting with their customers – on relationships and emotions – to survive. Those business leaders who cultivate Brand Love, especially in the midst of crisis, are destined for long-term success. But building these human connections has never been more challenging: Digital has fragmented how we communicate. Sales funnels have collapsed. Consumer trust and loyalty are at an all-time low. Twenty-year digital agency veteran Abdul Muhammad II, founder of MDM Ventures, has this advice for marketers and business owners: Love your way out, by creating the conditions for customers to thrive. Learn how to leverage data and research to shift from story-telling to story-making by putting your customers first while still growing your business.

Watch the webinar to learn how to shift from story-telling to story-making. 


In this dynamic 60-minute live webinar, Abdul shared these hard-earned insights and actionable tips on cultivating lifetime loyalty:

  1. Three content marketing strategies to cultivate lifetime customers 
  2. How to become a brand that is loved and considered over the competition
  3. How to balance technology and human touch to maximize marketing impact

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