What Happened to Clubhouse?

Is the Clubhouse party over?

What once was the hottest place to be right now is now on a gradual decline. Clubhouse began in April of 2020 and blew up around February of 2021. At one point in time, small businesses were leveraging this platform for marketing. The social media app was solely audio, where people discussed in real-time, shared stories, collaborated, and built real connections. 


Why was Clubhouse so popular in the first place?

Here’s the first thing to know about Clubhouse—it was exclusive and was released at the perfect time. The platform started off as invitation-only and was only on Apple mobile devices, this has since changed. Not only that but it was released right around when COVID hit and people were searching for connections. 


What caused Clubhouse’s downfall?

  • COVID cases started dropping, public places began reopening
  • It was released to the Android Appstore


During the time that businesses were reopening and it was released to the Android Appstore, the thrill was gone. Although it had initially gained 10 million users during the Android release, it is now down to two million. After people started going out and returning to their everyday life, the number of daily active users on Clubhouse went down dramatically. We can consider that a significant part of Clubhouse’s success at first. All of us were stuck at home.


Is Clubhouse truly dead?

It depends on who you ask. While Clubhouse is being downloaded less, Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison said the number of “rooms” being created on the app each day has risen from 300,000 at the start of this summer to around 700,000 by the fall. There are still 2M active users so if you are interested in testing the Clubhouse waters, now is the best time. 


What’s next for Clubhouse?

Clubhouse recently unleashed a new feature where you can listen on the web. Once you share the link to a live room, people can access it through a web browser even if they don’t have a Clubhouse account. This new feature may increase Clubhouse’s active users but only time will tell. It is unclear whether Clubhouse will gain momentum again or decline. If there is anything new worth mentioning about Clubhouse, we will be sure to share it.


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