MIAMI-DADE – Commissioner Eileen Higgins announces the launch of the “AI for Marketing and Sales” course developed by Miami-based BizHack Academy, a ground-breaking program aimed at empowering businesses with the knowledge and skills to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in their marketing and sales strategies. This free course is part of Commissioner Higgins’ Elevate District 5 program to support and strengthen small businesses in District 5.


The “AI for Marketing and Sales” Course is designed to provide businesses and professionals with practical insights and actionable strategies for integrating AI into their marketing and sales efforts. Each cohort, accommodating up to 40 participants, will embark on a six-week journey featuring live sessions, hands-on workshops, and personalized guidance from industry experts.


“In the heart of District 5, we’re nurturing a community that thrives on innovation,” said Commissioner Eileen Higgins. “This program is a significant step toward ensuring that our businesses remain at the forefront of technology and remain competitive. The ‘AI for Marketing and Sales’ Live Course is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth in our small business community, which translates to economic prosperity and development for all.”


The course covers a range of AI applications over six weeks:

  • Week 1: The Human Element of AI
  • Week 2: AI for Text, Translation, and Email
  • Week 3: AI for Images, Social Media, and Ads
  • Week 4: AI for Video, Audio, and Podcasts
  • Week 5: AI for Content Strategy and SEO
  • Week 6: AI for Analytics, Forecasting, and Prediction

“With the Elevate D5 initiative, Commissioner Eileen Higgins is providing exactly what small business owners need in our tech-enabled economy, and we applaud investment in training the businesses in her district,” said Dan Grech, Founder and CEO of BizHack Academy. “AI is a game-changing tech revolution that’s surging forward faster than anyone expected. AI is not just futuristic — it’s here, ready to use, and won’t break the bank. This course is the gateway for District 5 small businesses to jump in and start leveraging AI tools today.”

Participants can expect to achieve the following learning objectives during the program:

  • Understand the context, history, and potential future of AI in business.
  • Apply AI to marketing and sales to enhance efficiency.
  • Explore real-world case studies of successful AI implementation.
  • Evaluate various AI tools for marketing and sales, including ChatGPT and others.
  • Utilize AI to create compelling text, images, video, and audio content.
  • Analyze customer data using AI to inform marketing and sales strategies.
  • Address ethical considerations in AI use for marketing and sales.
  • Measure the impact of AI on marketing and sales efforts.

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The course is open for enrollment and FREE for all District 5 small businesses. Interested participants can register at

For any questions, please contact Ana Montes at or 305-375-5924