How AI is being used in Business Today

How AI is Being Used in Business Today

Let’s embark on a transformative journey through real-world case studies, witnessing the profound influence of AI across diverse professional landscapes. From heartwarming collaborations in children’s book creation to securing million-dollar contracts, tailoring AI solutions for clients, and igniting innovation through app development, these stories unveiled the limitless possibilities AI offers in shaping success and innovation.



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BizHack Academy is a Marketing Traction company whose mission is to give 10,000 small businesses a simpler way to grow. It’s the creator of the award-winning Lead Building System™, a proven process for online lead generation, and the Thought Leadership Pyramid™, a systematic approach to content marketing.

BizHack provides training programs, personalized coaching and fractional Chief Marketing Officer services. Since its start in 2017, BizHack has provided digital growth training to thousands of businesses across Miami-Dade County and around the globe, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including NBCUniversal, Whirlpool, Novartis, Wells Fargo, and Royal Caribbean. The average participant in its 7-week accelerated program generated $28.87 in revenue for every $1.00 spent in ads.

BizHack has participated in business accelerator programs funded by Goldman Sachs, the Knight Foundation, and Entrepreneur’s Organization. It has partnered with more than a dozen university programs, including StartUP FIU, The Idea Center at Miami Dade College, and the Innovation Hub at Broward College. It was awarded Top Global Campaign in 2020 by the American Marketing Association, was a finalist for Cause Marketer of the Year by Ragan’s PR Daily, and was recognized as a Top Startup in 2019 in The Miami Herald’s Startup Challenge.

How AI is being Used in Business Today Key Takeaways


Step-by-Step Process:


Creative Storytelling with AI:

Content Generation: Utilize AI tools like ChatGPT to create story content. Define the story elements and audience for the best results.
Illustration Creation: Leverage platforms like Mid Journey to generate accompanying images for the story, making it visually appealing.
Avatar Usage: Enhance storytelling by using AI-generated avatars and voices. Tools like ‘Did’ can help bring characters to life.
Book Design: Design the book layout and integrate text and images using platforms like Canva.

Efficient RFP Response:

Clarify the Prompt: Ensure your prompt is clear and concise, addressing the specific requirements of the RFP.
Content Compilation: Gather existing content and tailor it to fit the client’s needs while maintaining a unified voice.
Tailored Response: Use AI-generated content to create a response that aligns perfectly with the RFP’s demands, demonstrating your competence and responsiveness.

Resources Mentioned:

ChatGPT: An AI tool for content generation, suitable for creative storytelling and more.
Mid Journey: A platform for generating high-quality images, ideal for book illustrations.
Did: A digital tool for voiceovers and avatar creation, making stories come to life.
Canva: A versatile design tool for creating visually appealing books, proposals, and more.

Personal Advice:

As an AI enthusiast, my advice is simple: embrace AI in both your personal and professional life. Experiment, explore, and learn to harness AI’s capabilities. Start with low-stakes endeavors, like storytelling with your children, to build your comfort with AI tools. The lessons you’ll learn can be applied to more sophisticated use cases, ultimately enhancing your creativity and productivity.