Learn From Our Successful Digital Marketing Certificate Course

LearnWorlds Features BizHack’s Digital Marketing Certificate Course

Over the last four years, The BizHack Team has trained more than 1,000 businesses in our proven Lead Building System™, a methodology that specializes in enhancing lead generation for small businesses

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, our team was forced to adapt quickly by moving our digital marketing certificate program, The Digital Marketer’s Edge, to a completely online format. With the help of LearnWorlds, we were able to continue helping small businesses across the country level up their digital marketing and lead generation strategies. 

Because of the success we’ve experienced online with the help of LearnWorlds and the resources they offer, we were featured on their website as an example of an effective and impactful online academy that is changing the lives of small businesses. To learn more about our online instruction techniques for small business lead generation, keep reading.


TL;DR: Learn about our successful digital marketing certificate program for small business lead generation.

The Digital Marketer’s Edge course, a digital marketing certificate program that helps promote small business lead generation, was able to thrive using the innovative online resources LearnWorlds provides to its schools.

  • Despite the challenges the pandemic brought, BizHack Academy was able to continue its goal of enabling small businesses across the country to thrive using newfound digital marketing skills. 
  • With the help of the LearnWorlds team, our transition to a fully online platform was simple and effective. We were able to engage and support the small businesses who participated in our course while staying safe. 
  • LearnWorlds provided the BizHack Team with the tools and features they needed to give our participants the best experience possible, including tools that make turning in assignments, grading, and presenting easier than ever. 
  • BizHack Academy Founder and CEO Dan Grech encourages owners of schools to consider how they can leverage the features LearnWorlds has to offer in order to give their students an ideal learning environment. “It is very important to provide proper training and support to students 24/7,” he said. 

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Our Mission 

Since BizHack Academy’s founding in 2015, it has been the mission of Founder and CEO Dan Grech and the rest of the BizHack team to give small business owners and marketers easy-to-implement tactics to conduct digital marketing campaigns that yield visible results. Our curriculum works to do this through a combination of business storytelling, cutting-edge digital marketing strategy, and modern software that equips participants with the tools they need to succeed. 

After transitioning his career from journalism to digital marketing education and entrepreneurship, Dan began BizHack Academy in order to fill a need he witnessed in the digital marketing sphere. The digital marketing curriculum that was available for small businesses was often complex, expensive, and difficult to implement into their current strategy. BizHack Academy’s program aims to help small business owners and marketers who are lacking in time, resources and expertise, achieve their goals. 

“I started BizHack because I didn’t want other business owners to have to go through the same arduous process as me. I have collated everything I’ve learned about running a 21st-century business into simple principles and accessible case studies,” Dan said. 

Since BizHack Academy’s first cohort of the digital marketing certificate program, the BizHack Team has trained over 700 businesses in our easy-to-understand and implement digital marketing methodology called the Lead Building System™. Using the tools that LearnWorlds has provided, we have been able to continue this training while supporting a diverse ecosystem of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers from around the world. 


An Efficient and Cost-Effective Transition Online

Prior to the pandemic, BizHack Academy had never transitioned its digital marketing certificate program online. LearnWorlds was the first platform our company used and it gave our team all of the tools we needed to continue working towards our goals. 

With the help of a learning consultant from LearnWorlds, Dan and the BizHack team were able to customize the experience our course provided online using the resources the LearnWorlds software provided. There were several criteria that were important to Dan when establishing The Digital Marketer’s Edge online: 

    • Software and resources that were easy to set up and manage
    • The ability to submit and grade assignments on the platform
    • Effective communication capabilities to build a bond between the BizHack team and the small businesses who were participating
    • Digital certifications to award participants for their progress
    • Bulk upload of participants and email notifications from within the platform to streamline preparation and maintenance of each cohort
  • The ability to maintain multiple landing pages for sales and marketing to preserve our standard of a cutting-edge customer experience
  • The ability to restrict access to content depending on where the learner is in the course
  • Easy to use learner interface that makes our course accessible to learners of all technology skill levels
  • Software that supported various roles, including the instructors, students, and admin

LearnWorlds was able to meet each of our needs within their platform and gave BizHack Academy and the Digital Marketer’s Edge course the resources and support needed to conduct successful classes. The gradual, yet fast-paced transition to virtual learning that LearnWorlds was able to help the BizHack team execute lessened the stress brought on by the pandemic. 


Innovative LearnWorlds Features That Gave Our Course A Boost

The capabilities of the LearnWorlds platform gave our team the tools necessary to customize our digital marketing certificate course to fit the needs of both students, as well as our instructors and coaches.

The small businesses that participate in The Digital Marketer’s Edge come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a variety of skills that they can leverage when completing our course. However, it’s critical that the software the course used was easily accessible and intuitive to participants who may not have a background in using technology. The LearnWorlds platform fit the criteria and allowed the BizHack team to make our programs a unique and manageable experience for all involved. 

“Our participants rely on LearnWorlds as part of the BizHack experience where they review the presentations of the class, revisit the recordings and submit their assignments; then, those assignments are reviewed by their own Marketing coach,” Dan said. 

LearnWorlds helped BizHack Academy incorporate Zoom capabilities, as well as software that gives users access to presentations, assignments, and relevant resources. Through these tools, the course material was easy for participants to share and apply to their own small business lead generation. 


Advice from Dan Grech to Fellow School Owners

Through his experience, Dan suggests that fellow academy owners ensure they keep their students in mind during every stage of the course. 

“It is very important to provide proper training and support to students 24/7. You can’t assume all of them are tech-savvy or know how to use the platform; support and constant communication are key,” Dan said. 

As new academy owners begin to use the platform, the BizHack team’s advice is to take time to learn every aspect of the program and create a comprehensive strategy for how you are going to use these resources to their full potential. With the vast tools that LearnWorlds provides its schools, there are endless ways to customize your experience to fit the needs of your students and improve the experience of your coaches and instructors. 

“LearnWorlds is a solid LMS platform that has robust capabilities that allow small and large organizations with any range of budget to provide a professional learning experience to complement their brand and support their business objectives,” Dan said. 

Check out the LearnWorlds BizHack case study to learn more about our experience with the platform and how you can leverage our digital marketing certificate course in your small business lead generation.

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