Going through a digital marketing certification program can help you develop the skills you need to up-level your small business’s marketing strategy. In addition to the technological takeaways that give you the confidence to make videos and online ad campaigns, taking the time to go through a program teaches you the softer skills of seeing what works and what doesn’t for your business.

At BizHack, learning happens through doing. After five jam-packed weeks, our cohort of 15 students, or the Bizoomers as they are lovingly called, finished BizHack’s Digital Market Certification Program called The Digital Marketer’s Edge. People joined from all over the world, including Mexico, Africa, and New Zealand. Our students took what we taught them and created actual marketing campaigns for their businesses. 

Our Bizoomers shared their insights, learnings, and best practices from their journey through epic digital lands. We want to pass on some of that knowledge to you. 

Take it away, Bizoomers.

TL;DR: Make a digital marketing certificate work for you with these insights from our recent graduates

  • Tip 1: Passion drives performance
  • Tip 2: Always incorporate a powerful call-to-action
  • Tip 3: Social advertising finds new customers in unforeseen ways
  • Tip 4: Keep the momentum going
  • Tip 5: Never underestimate the power of A/B testing
  • Tip 6: Crisis creates opportunities 
  • Tip 7: Authentic content builds brand trust
  • Tip 8: Believe in your business, and give it your all
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Tip 1: It’s All About Passion

“Your passion must drive your growth.” Mandi Jenkins

A recent graduate of BizHack’s Online Digital Marketing Certification Program, Mandi Jenkins, comes to us from Orlando, Florida’s balmy and beautiful lands. She is the Office Manager for Mosquito Joe, an outdoor pest control franchise with more than 250 locations nationwide that has grown tremendously since the pandemic has forced more people to quarantine at home. Jenkins came to BizHack ready to take her business to the next level. 

During her time with us, Jenkins developed her marketing persona, figured out her target audience, and ran her first-ever video ad campaign. Spending just under $45, she created Facebook ads, resulting in 2,000 impressions, or times her ad displayed. For Jenkins, her passion for learning and riding the wave of opportunity the pandemic has given to at-home businesses like hers gave her the gusto to succeed in her marketing campaign.

Tip 2: Create a Powerful Call-to-Action

Cristabel Ofori, Founder and Creator of FlocareBeauty, was Bizhack’s first international business to present at the end of BizHack’s digital marketing boot camp. Ofori lives in Ghana with a background in chemical engineering. Three years ago, she decided to take her skills, talent, and entrepreneurial grit to create a company dedicated to making nourishing and safe natural skin and hair care products. 

Ofori online ads resulted in more than 25,000 impressions to reach more than 13,000 people that created 137 new leads. In addition to learning how to create compelling video ads, Ofori said that creating a powerful call-to-action in each ad makes all the difference in how people respond.

Tip 3: Social Advertising Works Unexpected Wonders

Jessica Graham has more than 25 years of experience in strategic communications focusing on public relations communications. She joined our digital marketing certificate program to level up her skills for her communications consulting company, Fionix Consulting. Her company integrates traditional PR and digital marketing to serve her clients better and grow their client base through targeted lead campaigns. 

Graham ran a video awareness campaign for her client Middle C Jazz Club, who struggled to sell tickets to an upcoming event. Her online ads resulted in 158 responses to the event, a 250% growth in ticket sales, and 200 new followers on her client’s Facebook Business page. 

Graham is now using her experience in creating social media-based video ads to help her other clients. She is now a staunch believer in the power of social media ads and their unexpected benefits.

Tip 4: Once You Get the Ball Rolling, Keep It Moving

Monia Glaysher, a film editor and producer with more than 20 years of experience, is Co-founder and owner of People First Media with her husband and business partner, David Wells. This South Florida production company has a unique eye for extraordinary stories about everyday people and companies. 

During her time in BizHack’s digital marketing certificate program, Glaysher ran both an awareness campaign and a lead generation campaign for her business. With her coach’s help, she created a free download to inspire more clicks on her site. Her awareness ad video received 98% thru plays, and her lead generation campaign received more than 1,000 views, resulting in three leads. 

Glaysher’s tip is that once you get the inertia and excitement from learning, don’t stop there. She became so inspired by what she learned in our digital marketing school, she’s already started plans to redo her website and expand to Google My Business and LinkedIn Ads. 

Tip 5: Test, Test, and Test Again

Ted VanCleave, a fine artist sculptor turned photographer, has a keen eye for art and business. VanCleave successfully exhibited his work in galleries and major art fairs for more than 10 years until COVID-19 closed most of the venues. VanCleave quickly pivoted to photographic prints he sold from his website and advertised on Facebook.

By taking our digital marketing certification course, VanCleave learned how to apply motion and music to better his online ads. Most importantly, he shared how crucial it is to continually test your ads on different audiences to see what works and what doesn’t. He’s grateful to have learned these lessons now to save him time and money on future marketing campaigns, which he plans to host on other popular social media sites.

Tip 6: Crisis Creates a Whole New World of Opportunity

Cristina Rodrigues, president and co-founder of Mind&Melody, transforms the lives of individuals living with neurological impairments through music. Her company specifically works with seniors living with dementia and Alzhimer’s.

Rodriguez’s business took a significant hit with the pandemic when her organization went from working with more than 50 healthcare facilities in southern Florida to none practically overnight. In her need to pivot the program to serve seniors virtually, Rodriguez realized the new opportunity she had found. While participating in our course, Rodriguez narrowed down her target audience by creating the perfect buyer persona and delved into understanding Facebook Business Manager to mobilize her ad campaigns. She is now dedicated to building a new online program to continue to deliver her services to new clients.

Tip 7: Create Authentic Content that Builds Trust with the Right Audience

Alejandro Roa, founder and CEO of Queenie House, a creative marketing agency, is our first digital marketing certification student from Mexico. His awareness ad reached more than 36,000 people and displayed more than 4,000 times. His lead generation ad received 8,000 impressions and generated 10 leads and eight final sales. With a minimal ad budget of a few hundred dollars, Roa made more than $14,000 in sales. 

Roa learned he could do a lot with a little and that content truly is king. He specified how producing authentic content creates trust among the audiences who resonate with it. He also came away with a new appreciation for social media as a business tool.

Tip 8: Give It All You’ve Got

Every semester, the course participants pick one person who best exemplifies the qualities of a digital marketer and teammate to whom we present the BizHacker Award. This semester, Nathan Krguer, who received the most votes in BizHack history, was our recipient. 

Kruger, the owner of D-Termination Pest Control, spent countless hours unsuccessfully trying to expand his customer reach through Google and other advertising streams. After doing a Facebook Ads course, he participated in our online marketing certificate to continue his learning.

His awareness ad received more than 20,000 impressions, 97% thru plays, and 43 website clicks, and his retargeting ad generated three leads. Nathan is currently working on updating his website and testing where to best host his lead forms. He is also looking forward to helping his wife’s business grow with the knowledge he has gained.

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