Learn How To Improve Your Social Media Video Advertising

Social media video advertising is an effective way for small businesses to reach broader audiences. To grab the attention of customers, your video ads should be entertaining and informative. 

“Attention is the new currency. You can really make a profit if you know how to convince people and make the best possible impression in just three seconds,” said Neto Almanza, founder and owner of VideoWorks, and former certified BizHack Marketing coach, during a #BizHackLive webinar.

Learn tips and tricks on how social media advertising can help you become a digital marketing boss in the world of busy newsfeeds.

TL;DR: 5 Tips On Social Media Video Advertising

  1. Experiment with different types of content
  2. Keep your videos short
  3. Create an irresistible offer
  4. Enhance your videos with smart light and sound setups
  5. Choose your video editing platforms wisely

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Experiment With Different Types Of Content

If you want to test different social media video ads methods, you’ll want to consider A/B split testing. Small businesses need to experiment with different types of content to see what customers react to best. A/B split testing allows you to test multiple advertisements simultaneously. 

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” Almanza said in the #BizHack Social Media Ads Tips and Tricks webinar. 

As the metaphor indicates above, don’t put all your money into one ad. Testing two to four video advertisements at the same time will help you to get the most results. 

“Ideally, test it out for three days,” Almanza said. You can do it for less than $10 a day.”

Many small business owners use Facebook Ads Manager to keep track of multiple video advertisements. The Ads Manager uses artificial intelligence bots to provide accurate feedback and information on video watch time. 

Almanza provided five tricks on how to use A/B testing effectively: 

TIP 1: Use colors that pop

Color psychology in marketing can fundamentally change the way customers perceive your brand. Small businesses should experiment with colors that might pop out more to reach broader audiences. Having the right color to represent your brand can help customers establish emotional connections. 

TIP 2: Experiment with different intros

“You have three seconds to capture your audiences’ attention,” Almanza said. 

Your social media video ad should be a thumb-stopper as people scroll through their feed. Experiment with different transitions, models, and sketches to find out how customers react. 

TIP 3: Use block titles

85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound. You can use block titles to emphasize exactly what you want customers to know without them having to listen with sound. Small businesses can also try other word animations such as captions or blog titles to see what works best. 

Tip 4: Try different lead roles

Bringing new talent to your advertising may deliver better results as customers want to see diverse representations of people. Take into consideration the demographics of each audience member when testing out different lead roles. It’s also important to be simple and don’t imply an ask. 

Tip 5: Entertain people

At the end of the day, people use social media platforms for entertainment. You can entertain audience members by simply creating a short skit to increase engagement. Be bold enough to stand out from the crowd. 

Keep Your Videos Short

“Save the best for first,” Almanza said. 

Longer video ads have much higher abandon rates than shorter ones. Small businesses should aim for video advertisements that are 15 seconds or less. 

“The Facebook video average watch time benchmark is 15 seconds,” Almanza said. 

The average attention span of a person right now is eight seconds, according to a Microsoft Corp study. Make sure to mention your brand within the first three seconds of your advertisement and get to the point in six seconds or less. 

“You need to say exactly what you want,” Almanza said. 

It’s not always easy to explain your product or service in 15 seconds or less. So, it’s OK if you need more time to create an explainer video. Almanza also recommended using human models over animations or cartoons. 

“It’s our human instinct to scan faces,” Almanza said. 

Create An Irresistible Offer

You need to give audience members a compelling reason to click your ad. Answer the customer question of what’s in it for me? What can your brand offer the customer that is irresistible to them? 

“Browse your newsfeed and analyze different advertisements,” Almanza said. You will notice which ones are effective and which ones are not, he added.

Small businesses need to make sure to use audience-oriented language to attract the needs of their customers. People don’t want to hear you speak about why your brand is important to you—they want to hear why it’s important to them. Your social media video ad should offer customers substantial amounts of value.

Almanza listed six irresistible offers that work: 

  1. Money-back guarantee
  2. Payment plans
  3. Something for free
  4. Adding an item 
  5. Early bird discount
  6. Limited-time offer

Dan Grech, founder and CEO of BizHack, shared an example of an irresistible offer created by a former digital marketing course participant. Meghan Davis Hill struggled to get back into the legal field after taking a decade off to raise four children. As a result, she decided to open a small book editing business. 

“Her only problem was she had no presence online whatsoever,” Grech said. “So, she signed up for our program.”

Hill used Facebook to target wealthy audience members that were interested in reading and writing. She then created an irresistible offer for a free 30-minute consultation. As part of her marketing strategy, Hill offered to answer questions about the pros and cons of traditional self-publishing. 

“I think she was really savvy to do that,” Grech said. Hill really understood the needs of her target audience, he added. 

She also created an irresistible offer through her use of social media video ads. With more than 16,000 impressions, Hill stayed within the recommended guidelines and created an effective 12-second video. 

Enhance Your Videos With Smart Light and Sound Setups

“When I first learned about videography, I was told that lighting is the most important thing,” Almanza said. Lighting increases your production value, he added. 

There are several things you need to know about lighting when it comes to social media video ads. Consider where your light is coming from and how strong it is to get high-quality results. 

  1. Ring Light
  2. SoftBox Light
  3. LED Light
  4. Professional Light

These four different light setups will help you create impactful video advertisements. 

But, don’t forget about the power of natural light—it’s free! Make sure it’s directed towards your face and avoid sitting behind a window. 

“Lighting is important, but sound is probably somewhat more crucial,” Almanza said. “You can watch a lower exposed video, but you can’t watch something with static noise.” 

Apple Airpods have an excellent built-in microphone to enhance video sound quality. If you’re looking for affordable options, Lavalier microphones also produce great results. 

Choose Your Video Editing Platforms Wisely

From free to more robust apps, you can edit your videos with minimal investment. There are several different programs to choose from when it comes to social media video ads. If you are new to video editing, Premiere Rush will help teach you how to shoot, edit and share videos. 

“Once you’re comfortable with Adobe Rush, you’ll want to start using Adobe Premiere,” Almanza said. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software widely used by video editors and production companies. Use Adobe’s creative tools to develop polished video storytelling. For a more affordable option, Lumen5 is free and easy to use. 

InShot is also available for those wanting a quick and easy social media editing service. You can add music, effects, and voice-overs to your videos with the simple download of an app. 

“Many social media platforms are stepping up their video editing services,” Almanza said. “TikTok is revolutionizing the way we advertise.” 

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