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And that’s a wrap for Cohort 14 of BizHack graduates, “The Mad Hackers”! Last week an incredible group of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the country and overseas, graduated from our award-winning “The Digital Marketer’s Edge”, our 5-week accelerated program in online lead generation. Learning to generate customers online can be quite a challenge. These individuals crossed the finish line in style. There were so many revelations and successes during this short time and it’s what comes next for each of them that I am excited to see.

Congratulations “Mad Hackers”! You did it despite all the circumstances and the current world situation. You should celebrate this incredible milestone of yours and your business.

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Welcome to the BizHack family Cohort 14, a.k.a.

“The Mad Hackers.”

The community that you have built is so impressive and humbling #Strongertogether.

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During the graduation ceremony, we had a series of inspiring case studies from top-performing graduates who used various digital marketing tools to attract profitable new customers despite a global pandemic, a hurricane, and an unprecedented economic downturn. We also had, for the first time, TWO BizHacker Award Winners, also a BizHacker partnership, raffles, thank you gifts, and other fun surprises including our very own Ricardo Berris’ musical number dedicated to our graduates, “Hat’s Off to You.”

Here are some amazing highlights from Cohort 14 graduates:

  • The #Hopewellstrong campaign was created during this course and involves several businesses including graduate, Steve Jaramillo, in the Hopewell shopping plaza in New Jersey. They are now collaborating and cross promoting one another with a greater focus on marketing to drive business thanks to their landlord Gelcor Real Estate.
  • We had TWO graduates tie for the BizHacker Award, the highest honor in the course 100% determined by the other participants in the class – Fredricka Walker & Susan Howell. Congrats, you two truly exemplify the “BizHacker Mentality”.
  • Collaboration Alert! Suzane Jewell and Susan Howell are now SuzieSquared. Their first project, the Mindful Money Negotiation Workshop, will be launching this October – receive 15% OFF with code: BizHack15

And here is a list of our powerful presenters:

  • Steve Jaramillo of Custom Cleaners – With a background in Marketing, Steve had an almost clinical way of testing assumptions and building knowledge about what his audience responds to and how to market his service online.
  • Melissa Frantz of Event Village – Unlike many event marketers who basically packed it up, Melissa showed great resilience and incredible creativity as she razor targeted her audience to find the perfect leads for her business.
  • Victor Aimi of – Alumni from Cohort 11, Victor is a lifelong PR and Communications professional who used digital marketing and digital tools in order to stay relevant and grow his business internationally.
  • Suzanne Jewell of The Mindful Entrepreneur – A two-time BizHacker, Suzanne has gracefully built up her Mindful Entrepreneur practice, landing incredible clients and making long-term connections.
  • Fredricka Walker of Apple Dumpling Solutions *BizHack Award Winner* – An extraordinary talent, Fredricka managed to pivot her real-life campaign, set up clear goals, and an actionable strategy all while handling community responsibility and pastoral duties.
  • Susan Howell of MoneyMaestra *BizHack Award Winner* – An incredible case study in messaging and the power of story and brand, Susan broke all the rules when it came to Facebook Ads and received extraordinary results.

Love from the Mad Hackers

“I learned so much, worked hard, had a lot of fun, and now we have a community of entrepreneurs that support each other.” Susan Howell of the Money Maestra

“An incredible journey and what a much-needed blessing to work alongside all of you passionate professionals.” Veronica Villar of Meeting Resources

“This proved that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks…even if Zapier is still a challenge.” Georgi Bohrod of Fair Divorce Online

Lead Instructor Alex de Carvalho: “You’ve warmed my heart and made my day! It has been an absolute pleasure co-creating the course experience with everyone. 🙏🏼💜”

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