New Course for Small Businesses: The LinkedIn Business Edge

BizHack Academy launches a new training on lead generation using LinkedIn® to help sales professionals and business owners thrive in a post-COVID economy

This interactive 5-week online program led by a leading expert on LinkedIn marketing includes 17+ hours of live classes, workshops, and 1:1 coaching

BizHack Academy will launch its first LinkedIn course on September 14th designed to help sales professionals and business owners find new customers using the world’s largest professional network. The 5-week live program will train participants in attracting new customers on LinkedIn using the Lead Building System™. This system is BizHack’s proven process for generating leads online developed after working with more than 700 businesses. The course, called The LinkedIn Business Edge, will focus on practical tactics that B2B companies—businesses that sell to other businesses—can use to immediately increase their visibility and thought leadership on LinkedIn. The training will focus first on making sure participant’s LinkedIn profiles are fully built out and optimized for the keywords their target audience will most likely use. The later half of the course provides guidance on creating timely relevant content that will attract their ideal audience.

Small Business LinkedIn Support from Marketing Experts

“During COVID-19, the traditional in-person sales channels that B2B businesses relied on were shut down, whether they were trade shows, chamber meetings, and 1:1 networking,” says Dan Grech, founder and CEO of BizHack Academy. “These businesses needed to find new ways to attract customers online, and LinkedIn has become an essential tool to do that. With this new program, we’re excited to help these businesses adapt to digital lead generation in a post-COVID economy, which is here to stay.” LinkedIn marketing expert Sheryl Cattell, a veteran BizHack certified instructor, is the co-creator and lead instructor of the program. Cattell has 30 years of digital marketing experience working for multi-billion dollar companies across a range of industries. She’s the founder of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association ( and is a Master Certified Life Coach who runs her own practice, Personal Legend Coaching. “I’m passionate about sharing information and strategies that help make people’s lives and businesses better,” Cattell says. “LinkedIn is a powerful tool that creates a level playing field for small and large businesses, to give and receive value and make meaningful connections that will result in business growth.” LinkedIn is the largest professional online community around the world with 740 million users in 200 countries and 18 years of history. Many marketing and sales professionals and small business owners are eager to use this platform to grow their network, improve the reach of their content, and find new customers—but they aren’t doing everything they can to achieve these goals.

A Closer Look at The LinkedIn Business Edge

The LinkedIn Business Edge combines 10 hours of online live interactive classes, 5 hours of live workshops and 2 hours of 1:1 coaching with BizHack’s team of LinkedIn experts so participants can drive sales and build strategic partnerships using this powerful platform. The benefits of this program extend far beyond the 5-week course. After completing The LinkedIn Business Edge, participants will be able to upgrade their LinkedIn presence to:
  • Align with their core purpose
  • Connect with target audiences, companies, job titles, and individuals
  • Create a profile that stands out from the competition
  • Increase visibility
  • Implement the Lead Building System™ in their LinkedIn campaigns and marketing efforts, among other skills.
Participants will also join a members-only “pod” that will immediately allow them to increase the reach of their LinkedIn posts by an average of 15 times. To help measure this progress, participants will get a personalized Learning Journey Report that tracks the key metrics on the growth of their network, reach, and Social Selling Index score. The ultimate goal of the program, says BizHack founder Dan Grech, is to transform their businesses and professional lives. “I spent the first part of my career as a journalist and storyteller, and I’ve reinvented myself as a digital marketer, an educator and a business owner,” says Grech. “Digital marketing has opened vast new opportunities in my life. I want to share that with you.” The LinkedIn Business Edge will launch on Tuesday, September 14, with a limited number of participants from around the world to ensure an intimate learning environment. To learn more or enroll, visit The LinkedIn Business Edge website.

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