Thank you for your interest in The Lead Build System™. This 17-page e-book offers a simple guide to a proven methodology for small business digital marketing. 

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As a thank you for downloading his e-book, author Dan Grech, BizHack founder and 10KSB alum, will be hosting three live 60-minute workshops on how 10KSB businesses can start putting the Lead Building System™ into action. These no cost workshops are exclusively for graduates of the 10KSB Program. 

About the Workshop

Not sure how to market your growth opportunity online? Your Business Story is the place to start. Through Babson-style lessons, exercises and discussions, Dan will help you develop a Business Story that’s guaranteed to appeal to customers and connect with prospects.

During this workshop for 10KSB alumni, you’ll:

  • Workshop your Business Story, the foundation of all marketing
  • Learn the Lead Building System for promoting your growth opportunity
  • Connect with fellow 10KSB scholars from around the country

A Message from Dan

“I hear it all the time from 10KSB scholars: You don’t know how to find customers online. My e-book paired with this no-cost workshop will give you a proven process to pursue your growth opportunity using digital marketing.”   -Dan Grech, creator of the Lead Building System™