I have 12 years of experience in digital marketing, website design, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. I currently teach digital marketing boot camps through various universities and work full-time as an E-Commerce Consultant at FedEx. After starting my career off as a graphic designer and shifting to focus on digital design, it sent me down a path of learning E-Commerce business strategies. Also, it motivated me to teach myself how to code a website. I gained vast amounts of digital marketing tactics that helped excite my curiosity for starting my own creative and digital marketing agency. 2014, began the start of Cultivated Productions; I assisted small to mid-size businesses with innovative design strategies and digital marketing techniques. During the 8+ years of expanding my career and entrepreneurship, I’ve been privileged to work with top brands such as Raising Cane’s, Michaels Stores, and FC Dallas Soccer Organization, to name a few. Today the agency is no longer operating – I decided to switch my focus, and with doing so, I landed opportunities as an E-Commerce Consultant. I believe this switch was vital because there is a disconnect happening with business owners. Many of the entrepreneurs I assisted needed more than a person to create websites, logos and develop digital marketing strategies. They needed a business partner — someone to challenge their business models and tweak their brand’s messaging. Not only did they need a business partner, but they needed well-thought-out digital marketing tactics that fit their end customers’ buying behaviors. Now, I have a mission to impact people by providing tools that change and align their focus with their business and personal goals.