How to Use Thought Leadership on LinkedIn to Better Compete and Inspire Customers

A Guide to Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

BizHack’s Thought Leadership Pyramid™ is a proven process for industry leadership on social media channels such as LinkedIn. It is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses limited in time, money and expertise looking to improve how ideal customers discover you and your business.  The average participant in BizHack’s Thought Leadership Pyramid training program, The LinkedIn Business Edge™ is able to increase their Social Selling Index by 50% and their appearances in search results by 90% using this proven methodology. Sheryl Cattell, course creator and lead instructor for the LinkedIn Business Edge™ of BizHack Academy said “LinkedIn is now a platform where business professionals can establish themselves as go-to people (in their industry)“ in a #BizHackLive webinar. This one-hour interactive workshop reveals your content marketing strengths and weaknesses and provides an immediate roadmap for thought leadership on social media platforms including LinkedIn. Watch the webinar to follow along and find your Thought Leadership Score. 


The webinar included topics such as:
  • Your Social Selling Index and what it means
  • Your business story and story of me and why it matters
  • Identifying your ideal target customer and finding them online
  • How to use keywords and hashtags to get discovered
  • Social listening to enter the fray
  • Understanding the competition
  • Taking your unique stand
  • Getting noisy to increase your reach and impact as a thought leader

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