Masterclass Season 8

How AI Tools Like ChatGPT Can Save You Money and Accelerate Your Growth

The introduction of ChatGPT late last year took the business world by storm. This free tool uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality original content in seconds. In its first five days, more than a million users tried the emerging technology. Its speed and simplicity caused companies of all sizes to rethink how they conduct business and market themselves.

Small businesses in particular can benefit from AI to save time and money and accelerate their growth. But they need a Guide. That’s the goal of Season 8 of the #BizHackLive Masterclass series. BizHack Founder and CEO Dan Grech will interview top experts and explore cutting-edge case studies to provide concrete tips and tools for using AI to gain a competitive edge.

Join us to learn how you can leverage AI’s astonishing ability to create text, images, video, and audio. This is part of the award-winning #BizHackLive Masterclass Series presented in partnership with the Strive 305 initiative of the Office of the Miami-Dade Mayor.

Masterclass 8.1: April 12 12:30 ET

How to Use ChatGPT to Create Smarter and More Engaging Content

ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows businesses to create huge amounts of high-quality marketing and promotional content in seconds at a fraction of the cost previously paid. It’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity for small businesses to access content creation tools that can drive business growth and competitive advantage.

#BizHackLive Host Dan Grech will explore how businesses can jump on board this phenomenon with Jeff Cooper of Saltbox, a top search marketing agency. This Masterclass will explore topics such as:

  • How to use ChatGPT to create great content
  • The risks associated with leaning too heavily on AI for content creation
  • Lesser known tools to generate high-quality text for your small business

Dan and Jeff will also explore some of the larger implications that ChatGPT has on search

 engine marketing. ChatGPT was developed by a Microsoft-backed company, and its natural language generation is being incorporated into Microsoft’s search engine Bing. This presents an existential threat to Google. Not since the search engine wars of the early 1990s with Altavista and Yahoo has Google faced such a challenge to its dominance in search.



Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper is the Founder & President of Saltbox Solutions, a PPC and SEO service provider focused on helping businesses obtain traffic and leads from search engines. Jeff has a decade of experience working with online advertising, search engine optimization, and marketing technology. He has managed and consulted on over $100 million in paid search and programmatic media investments for large brands like Bass Pro Shops, RackSpace, and HealthMarkets. Prior to launching Saltbox, Jeff managed a 50-employee search engine marketing team at a growing start-up while spearheading the development of a search engine optimization technology platform that sold in 2016.

Masterclass 8.2: APRIL 26 12:30 ET

How AI Can Create Stunning Original Images and Videos For Your Business

For years, creating quality images and video was out of reach for many small businesses; it was simply too expensive. That has all changed. While ChatGPT grabs headlines for its original text, lesser-known AI applications can create stunning original photos, videos and sound. #BizHackLive Host Dan Grech and top experts will explore how visual AI tools can be used to dramatically increase the speed of video production while slashing production costs. This Masterclass will explore topics such as:

  • Free tools you can use now to create stunning visuals for marketing campaigns.
  • Ways to leverage AI to lower the cost of video and image production 
  • Dos and don’ts for using AI-generated audiovisual content

The webinar will focus on concrete tips and specific tools that you can use today to loweryour costs and increase the productivity of your marketing dept to help grow your business faster. And it will provide the larger context for visual AI, from deep fakes used by Russian agitators to advertisements featuring AI-generated spokespeople, as eerie and life-like computer generated audiovisuals become a part of our daily lives.


Masterclass 8.3: May 10 12:30ET

Get Inspired By How AI is being Used in Business Today

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence moved from science fiction to accessible reality. Small businesses across every industry are finding creative ways to use generative AI to improve communication with their customers, provide engaging content to prospects, and market themselves more efficiently. Perhaps no technology invented in the last decade has more potential than AI to help small businesses market themselves at a low cost. #BizHackLive host Dan Grech will explore inspiring examples of how small businesses today are using this technology to enhance their business. Dan will talk to business owners as they share real examples and actual case studies of how they used AI to:

  • Save money
  • Improve processes
  • Accelerate content creation
  • Generate new ideas
  • Boost their performance

In this dynamic webinar, business owners will share hard-won advice from the trenches on how you can leverage AI tools to grow your company. You’ll come out of the session inspired and ready to get going with AI for your own business.