BizHack AI Course Miami-Dade County

Limited to 40 Seats - First-Come First-Served​

The first 40 qualified District 5 businesses will get a spot in the program. If there are any seats left untaken those will be filled with other Miami-Dade County businesses on a first-come first-served basis.

October 22 to
December 12, 2024

Tuesdays and Thursdays
11:00am - 1:00pm


Harness the Power of AI for Your Business

Learn AI strategies, tactics, and tools that will transform your marketing and sales capability, saving you time and money and helping you grow your business faster

  • Save money marketing more efficiently 
    Most businesses have already saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars by the time they finish the course
  • Discover the most effective AI tools
    We’ll help you focus on the AI tools and strategies that most closely align with your business objectives
  • Gain immediate hands-on experience
    Our interactive classes, assignments, and breakout rooms will give you the confidence to quickly apply your learning
  • Grow Leads and Sales
    Learn to use AI to generate leads, create better content, streamline your sales, and uncover growth opportunities
  • Build a best-in-class marketing strategy
    You’ll future-proof your business with an AI-powered marketing strategy that puts you ahead of the competition

Dan Grech – Course Creator,
Founder and CEO of BizHack

Course Content

Week 1 – The Human Element of AI

  • Partner with AI to gain a competitive advantage and grow your business
  • Assignment: Have ChatGPT assist you with one marketing or sales activity, or use ChatGPT for something in your personal life

Week 2 – AI for Text, Translation and Email

  • Master prompt engineering with a deep dive into ChatGPT and Jasper
  • Assignment: Use ChatGPT to draft a sales email to a potential client or business partner

Week 3 – AI for Images, Social Media, and Ads

  • Learn the spellbook to create winning AI-powered images
  • Assignment: Create an image for a blog post using Canva or Midjourney

Week 4 – AI for Video, Audio, and Podcasts

  • Create high-quality video and audio at a fraction of the cost
  • Assignment: Experiment with AI Tools for Audio and Video

Week 5 – AI for Marketing Strategy

  • Build a world-class content engine to dramatically improve your online presence
  • Assignment: Use AI to define your brand voice and create your brand story

Week 6 – Presentations of AI Growth Strategy

  • Present a plan for how your company will use AI to grow faster

Week 7 – Graduation Celebration

  • A public showcase of small businesses that are using AI for marketing and sales


District 5

A word from District 5 Commissioner Eileen Higgins​

“In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, harnessing the power of AI is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and adaptable. I am thrilled to partner with BizHack Academy in offering ‘AI for Marketing and Sales’ to our community. This course is testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth in our small business community, which translates to economic prosperity and development for all.”

Miami District 5 Commissioner – Eileen Higgins

Case Studies from Course Participants

The Teaching Team

Jordan Sherman - Lead Instructor

Jordan Sherman is the Director of Public Relations at M&C Communications, a boutique PR firm based in Denver, Colorado, where he has worked since January 2020. He started his career as a broadcast meteorologist and worked for 8 years in television news. He now puts his analytical and storytelling skills to use in the field of Public Relations. Jordan is passionate about offering his unique perspective to BizHack Academy students and collaborating with his fellow instructors to create an incredible learning experience for everyone involved. Jordan lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a Certified Lead Instructor at BizHack Academy and an alumnus of the Digital Marketer’s Edge program.

Timeesha Simone - Marketing Coach

Timeesha Simone is an award-winning speaker, international #1 best-selling author, and brand positioning coach. Known as “The Olivia Pope of Branding”, she helps entrepreneurs become known online and has coached over a thousand clients in more than ten countries including high-profile clients such as The Coca-Cola Company. She has been featured in The Huffington Post, Amazon, and, and has had experience shares on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News. She has her own podcast – “Making The Brand.”

Angie Huffington - Marketing Coach

Angie Huffington is a visionary Growth Marketer with a 20-year career specializing in Artificial Intelligence and sales. Holding an MBA focused on strategic growth, her expertise is in leveraging AI to revolutionize marketing and sales. Recently, she founded the AI MKTG Academy, aimed at fostering financial independence through AI and digital marketing, with a particular focus on empowering the Latino community. Angie is passionate about the transformative power of education in breaking socioeconomic barriers and enabling personal and professional development. Committed to inclusivity, she educates people of diverse incomes and small businesses on using AI for intelligent automation and increased sales, aspiring to create a generation poised to succeed in the digital economy.

Carelia Alvarado - Marketing Coach

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Carelia Alvarado began her studies in Advertising in Santiago de Chile, specializing in Administration and Media Control. Her career advanced in Miami, US, where she excelled in Media Coordination and Buying for Latin American markets. Transitioning to the publishing sector, she contributed to the commercial success of luxury and lifestyle magazines like Cosas Magazine across Latin America. The 2020 pandemic prompted Carelia to innovate, leading to the creation of “The Online Bridge,” a venture aimed at linking business owners and Hispanic companies with digital marketing through consultancy, courses, and training. Her mission focuses on crafting dynamic digital marketing strategies that are not just effective short-term but are also adaptable and forward-thinking.

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